Where to buy second hand in Edmonton

There are many places to buy second-hand clothing in Edmonton and even some consignment shops where you can both buy, and sell your own.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Make your fashion last longer

By keeping your fashion in good repair, you will save money and reduce your consumption of new goods. Here are three businesses on or near campus that can help you fix that hem or resole your boots.

  • Soler Shoe Repair – HUB Mall
  • Whyte Ave Tailors Shop  – 10820-82 Ave
  • Leo’s Tailor Shop – 9930-82 Ave

Eco-fashion sites to inspire you

Eco-friendly fashions are a great opportunity for you to express your fashion sense. Below are a few sites to inspire your own handiwork. Send a picture of your latest creation to sustainability@ualberta.ca and we might feature your concept in upcoming publications.

Tell us! Where is your favourite place to get second-hand fashions?

Please leave a reply.

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