Holiday baking tips + recipes – from us to you

Tis’ the season to be baking.

The holidays are here (and so is exam season). If you are looking for a tasty treat to get you in the holiday spirit or need a sugary relief from studying, you could always try whipping something up in the kitchen.

Here are some tips adapted from EcoBlog to make your baking more sustainable:

1. When choosing your baking ingredients, try sustainably-sourced products or local brands, and buy bulk when possible to limit the amount of packaging used. One of our favourite places near campus to buy ingredients is Bulk Barn on Calgary Trail. It has just about every baking ingredient in non-packaged form!

2. Try baking with tools made from recycled material, or materials such as metal, bamboo and wood instead of using plastic utensils. If possible choose higher quality baking tools that will last longer – this means less waste, fewer future purchases and a more eco-friendly kitchen. One of our favourite places to shop for sustainable kitchenware is a locally-owned business – Carbon Environmental Boutique on 104 Street.

3. When using paper products such as baking cups and sheets, choose eco-friendly, recycled options wherever you can.

4. Be economical with your oven – if you’re planning on baking several different things, prepare them one after the other so you will only have to heat up the oven once. This will save electricity and expenses. Baking larger batches at a time will also use less electricity.

5. You can be eco-friendly in your post-baking activities as well; when you’re cleaning up your kitchen, use sponges and cloths instead of paper towels. You can even create a compost heap for used baking ingredients like eggshells or fruit and vegetable scraps.
In celebration of the season here are some favourite holiday recipes from the Office of Sustainability staff:

Carrot Roast & Lentil + Sweet Potato Loaf
-Vegetarian alternatives to Turkey or Ham

Chocolate Macaroons
-Gluten free, nut free and vegan (except the honey isn’t really vegan but you could substitute for agave nectar!)

Snickerdoodle Cookies
-Paleo,Vegan, egg/grain/dairy free

Cinnamon Sugared Pecans
-Great for snacking

Vegan Eggnog
-vegan alternative to traditional eggnog

Butter Cookies
-An easy and simple cookie that tastes great!

What is your favourite holiday recipe? – Let us know with a comment!

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