Power down for the holiday closure

As the university will be closed from December 24 to January 2, please help us safely power down. Your efforts will conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure the workplace is secure and free of preventable problems during the winter closure.

Here is a helpful list of suggested steps your office can take:

Conserve Energy & Water

Turn OFF all electronic equipment, such as computers and photocopiers. Secure equipment where possible.


Close all water faucets or completely shut down water systems (such as distilled water systems that are not required to run continuously).


Close and lock windows where appropriate.


Flip the switch! Turn off all lights.


Shut down laboratory experiments (except when it is essential they continue) and lower fume hood sashes as far down as possible.

Protect Your Workspace

Close all gas valves in laboratories.


Close and lock all doors. Read this important announcement about securing spaces.


Properly store all hazardous products in a secure location. (Consult your department WHMIS designate for further information.)

Take Precautions

Where laboratory experiments must continue over the break, ensure that all connections (e.g. condensing water supply) are secure.

Clearly label the experiment and post name(s) and telephone numbers of individuals to contact in the event of an emergency.


Remove laboratory waste, or properly store waste if it cannot be removed prior to the break.


Remove perishable food from refrigerators and personal spaces.


Check low temperature research freezers are in working order.

Check in Over The Break

If you have server rooms or other critical areas that are not monitored by the Control Centre, you may wish to check on them during the break to monitor temperature conditions, etc.


Departments with access control systems must correctly set their door lock/unlock schedules for the holiday period. Computers controlling these systems must be left on to enable the Control Centre to perform remote operations such as unlocking/locking doors if the need arises.


Museum and research collections should be checked periodically during the winter closure for water damage, etc.


For people who will be working during the closure, make sure you keep your university ID, access cards and keys with you at all times. Know where all of your safety and emergency equipment is located in your work area and ensure you have a communication plan in place if you will be working alone.

And finally, please take your personal items home with you if appropriate.

These recommendations come from Facilities & Operations.

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