Welcome to the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability blog.

The Office of Sustainability is the hub of the University of Alberta’s sustainability initiative. It promotes, unites and celebrates the University of Alberta’s efforts to create a campus-wide network that works together to advance our sustainability performance. The sustainability initiative is centred on three focus areas:

 Outreach & Engagement

The outreach and engagement focus area creates projects that inform, assist and mobilize students,staff and faculty to think and act more sustainably. Our work is guided by advice received from the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Learn more…

 Academic Teaching & Research

Our academic, teaching and research focus area is headed by an academic director appointed by the Provost. This focus area seeks opportunities to integrate sustainability into how we teach, curriculum content and research. This focus area is guided by advice received from the Office of Sustainability’s Academic Advisory Committee. Learn more…

 Facilities, Operations & Services

This focus area is headed by the Energy Management and Sustainable Operations (EMSO) unit of the Department of Facilities and Operations. EMSO has close ties to the Office of Sustainability as they work to advance sustainability across all areas of the University’s facilities and operations. Their work is supported by the Facilities and Operations Sustainability Committee. Learn more…

Our staff, student interns and volunteers work to build connections within and across each focus area. In addition to delivering their own projects, team members regularly collaborate on projects that benefit from multidisciplinary perspectives. Each team also builds partnerships with individuals, units and organizations who are interested in helping to create a more sustainable campus to live on, to learn within, and to enjoy.

The Office of Sustainability reports to both the Office of the Vice-President, Facilities and Operations, and the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).